The Critical Work We Do

The Critical Work We Do

The Institute will bring together the public, businesses, science and government to work together to tackle sea level rise. To turn the tide on this unprecedented challenge, the Institute will:

  • Develop a global think tank, creating a repository of expertise
  • Plan workshops that bring together the many parties vested in adapting to sea level rise
  • Host an annual symposium gathering the latest research and advances in sea level science and adaptation strategies
  • Interpret and disseminate scientific information in practical formats, developing tools for decision makers
  • Produce training and certifications for diverse professions, such as architecture, engineering and law
  • Evaluate plans for buildings, communities and regions, considering multiple scenarios for the rate of sea level rise
  • Public educational outreach utilizing web-based resources and published papers

Our Partners and Resources

The Institute will serve as an impartial advisor to communities and businesses to help plan for “intelligent adaption”. It will collaborate with leading government agencies, strategic think tanks and universities.

We will work with a broad range of public and private interests, including the Center for Naval Analyses, U.S. Green Building Council, Association of Climate Change Officers, National Council for Science and the Environment, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA.

Additionally, we will engage with professional societies and associations such as the American Planning Association, American Institute of Architects, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Association of Engineering Societies, and National Society of Professional Engineers, among others.

We can adapt.
We can innovate.
We can rise with the tide.